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Develop a Workshop

We Understanding Do you want to add wireless comms to your WildLogger, or GPS to your Wilduino? Do you need a more accurate analogue-to-digital converter or to interface different sensors?

If there is a feature or functionality you want to add to our existing devices, then talk to us!

Host a Workshop

Are you a school, organisation or researcher that wants to host one of our online or ‘in-person’ workshops?  to run one of our workshops. If you’re interested in hosting a live workshop, or running an online course with virtual ‘lab’ hours, talk to us. Are you a research, wildlife or conservation organisation with a proposal or prototype for an open source device? Or do you want to adapt an existing device like a camera trap?

If you’re interested in a longer-term partnership to adapt or develop open source technology, then let’s talk us!


Does a kit have nearly everything you need? Do you want to swap a sensor in a kit for a higher resolution one? Or does your next deployment require a completely new, specialised kit?

Then contact us with your idea for custom kit or what you want to add or remove from one of our existing kits. 


Contact us!