Module 3.2: Temperature and Humidity Sensing

In Module 3.2, we get an overview of the temperature and humidity sensor we’ll be using for this course. We learn the basics of temperature and humidity measurement, how the sensor works, and how to install the Arduino library to access and control the sensor. After that, we do hands-on labs where we read the temperature and humidity, control the sensor from our command line, and then use the temperature and humidity data to control another device.

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3.2  Temperature and Humidity Sensing

In this video we cover



3.2.1: Hello Temperature and Humidity – Lab 1

In this video we cover



3.2.2: Command Line Temperature and Humidity – Lab 2

In this video we cover



3.2.3: It’s Getting Hot in Here – Lab 3

In this video we cover



Supporting Materials

Terminology Sheet

Module 3.2 Terminology Cheatsheet (PDF)


Video Slides

3:2: Temperature and Humidity Sensing – Complete Slides (PDF)


Conversations & Troubleshooting

Module 3.1 Discussion (forum thread)


Programming References

Good overview of C++ used in Arduino – Olympia Circuits

More detailed tutorial on Arduino – Tutorials Point