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Freaklabs for wildlife and conservation research is launching soon!


Freaklabs for Wildlife and Conservation Coming SoonBuilding customised instrumentation specifically for wildlife and conservation research has never been more accessible. Like capturing a snow leopard on a camera trap, that’s something to get excited about.

However, creating your own instrumentation – that’s deployment-ready, reliable and power optimised –  requires a broad skillset and the right tools. With all the platforms and elements that go into it, where’s a good place to start learning?

We’re devising a range of open source, Arduino-based boards, libraries, applications, tutorials, cheatsheets and resources to help wildlife and conservation researchers build their own instrumentation – from prototype to deployment.


Tutorial Series: Getting Started with Arduino: Building a Custom Data Logger with WildLogger


Our first tutorial, in collaboration with WILDLABS is ‘Getting Started with Arduino: Building a Custom Data Logger with WildLogger‘.

In the series, we’ll cover:

  • Definition & Specs: Translating what you want into hardware, software and mechanical specifications
  • Decisions: Choosing appropriate sensors, enclosures, connectors, cables and batteries for your design goals and deployment environment
  • Design Stack: Understanding hardware and the full application stack (components, drivers, libraries and applications)
  • Setup: Setting up the application development environment
  • Programming: Writing the application (what software already exists, what do you need to write)
  • Optimizing: Optimising the device for power and reliability
  • Assembly: Building the devices (including crimping cables, modifying enclosures, testing)
  • Pilot: Doing controlled test deployments to make sure they work before they go into the field
  • Troubleshooting: Debugging in the field (including ‘must have’ equipment in your field kits)

Below is an introduction to the series plus Q&A we did as part of Season 1 of Tech Tutors series

Lots of good (and helpful) stuff coming soon – whoop!